Reasons Why You'll Never Regret Moving to Atlanta

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Moving to Atlanta can be one of the wisest decisions you'll make in your life. Atlanta features beautiful, interesting, and not to mention historical spots that were even featured in movies and TV shows such as The Hunger Games and The Walking Dead, among others.

Atlanta is not just an excellent filming destination, though. The Metro has so much to offer, making it also an ideal place for dwelling and settling in real life. If you're still not convinced, here are other reasons why Atlanta is the new place you should call home.


Kick Start Your Career in Atlanta

Atlanta is a great place to start a career. The city is home to some of the Fortune 500 organizations or the top US companies in terms of revenues. The Home Depot, United Parcel Service (UPS), Delta Air Lines, and The Coca-Cola Company are the top four Atlanta companies that made it to the Fortune 500 this year.

Speaking of the Coca-Cola company, did you know that the first serving of the Coca-Cola drink was made and served in Atlanta? Yes, that’s right. You could also be making history in Atlanta before you know it.

The entertainment industry, not only in Atlanta but also to the rest of Georgia, is not something to be ignored as well. In fact, Georgia is starting to be considered as the “Hollywood of the South”.

There are plenty of other career opportunities waiting for you in Atlanta. With slightly higher job growth percentage and lower unemployment rate to that of New York’s, Atlanta is the key to your stable and promising career.

Live the Life You Want

Atlanta ranked 13th among Forbes's best places for business and careers. It has significantly surpassed the city that never sleeps, which landed on the 115th spot of the said list.

The gap is not surprising because the cost of living in Atlanta is relatively lower than that of New York.

A median home price in Atlanta costs approximately $227,000. In contrast, New Yorkers will have to pay a whopping average of $383,000 for a similar home. In the same way, food, health care, and transportation in New York are also pricier.

Financial freedom is one of the perks of relocating to Atlanta. The cost of living is substantially lower here, so you could live a more comfortable life without financially struggling. At least not much.

Choose your Housing Preference

Atlanta is divided between two perimeters, namely Inside the Perimeter (ITP) and Outside the Perimeter (OTP). Simply put, living in ITP means being in downtown, whereas staying at OTP means dwelling in the suburbs.

The good thing about moving to Atlanta is that you have plenty of housing options, and that is regardless of whether you live within ITP or OTP.

You could own a single-family home with a backyard and still live near the downtown—which may not be the case for busier cities like New York or LA. In such cities, you have limited or no options at all regarding the type of home you wish to own.

In Atlanta, you have the option to choose the kind of dwelling arrangement depending on your need, budget, and preference. You could own condos, townhomes, rowhouses, and single-family homes that are all conveniently situated in the city.

Live in a Safe Neighborhood

If you're looking for the safest area in Atlanta and you have the budget for it, you should take first dibs in the Northwest portion of the city. There are a lot of beautiful homes and lavish mansions in this area, especially in Buckhead and Vinings.

However, if affordable housing settlements are your concern, you could check out Druid Hills, Morningside, and Virginia Highlands. You could also try neighborhoods near the Peachtree road or Central Buckhead.

There are other safe residential places in the city. When in doubt, you could always seek the advice of real estate experts before moving to Atlanta.


Bring Yourself to the World

Moving to Atlanta brings you closer to the world.

The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world, accommodates non-stop flights to major cities such as Paris, London, Seoul, and Tokyo.

And did we mention that Atlanta is the central hub of Delta Airlines earlier? That means you could always book direct flights to most US states and major cities in the world without a connecting flight.

Enroll in Reputable Educational Institutions

If you're a parent moving to Atlanta, there are many public, private, and even international schools in Atlanta that could cater to your children's K-12 and higher education.

Further, Atlanta is home to reputable educational institutions such as Georgia State University, Georgia Tech, and Emory. So, your relocation to Atlanta shouldn't hinder your children's education, more so their bright future.

Never get bored in Atlanta

You'll never run out of things to do, see, and experience in Atlanta.

From the beautiful Georgia Aquarium to the magnificent Capital Dome layered in 43 ounces of pure gold to the annual Peach Tree Road Races, you'll never get bored in Atlanta.

And if you're into sports, you may also be thrilled to know that Atlanta is home to the Braves, the Hawks, and Atlanta United.


Enjoy Good Weather in Atlanta

If you don't like harsh weather conditions, and the cold has always bothered you, then moving to Atlanta is best for you.

Atlanta is not free from hurricanes and tornados at all. But, if there’s any consolation, the impact of such natural disasters can be tamed down by 200 miles of vast lands.



So, have you decided about moving to Atlanta, yet? We hope so!  If you have already weighed your options or have some more questions left, let top Atlanta realtors help you with the whole process.

The Gray Power Couple will be happy to assist you with your transition process. Contact us now and let us help get you started with finding the right home for you.